BBA Frequent Asked Questions

1. What does it take to get a degree?

As outlined in the university catalog, the basic requirements for the degree are the successful completion of 121 college credit hours. This coursework will have to include specific courses from our four areas: general education, business administration core, business administration electives and other electives.

Since Sul Ross Rio Grande College offers only junior- and senior-level college courses, most of the general education requirement will have been completed at another institution, in many cases Southwest Texas Junior College. Students who enter Sul Ross Rio Grande College under one catalog, may rely on those course requirements even though subsequent degree requirements may change with the issuance of a new catalog.

2. Does Rio Grande College offer a major in specific fields such as finance or accounting?

At the present time, RGC offers a bachelor of business administration with three majors, general business, international trade, and management information systems. Degree plans for all of these majors are attached.

3. What is the purpose of a "degree plan" and when should I get one?

The primary purpose of the degree plan is to "formally" indicate to the student which courses taken at other colleges will count at Sul Ross Rio Grande College. By consulting the catalog, it should be relatively easy for the student to determine on their own which freshman- and sophomore-level courses they might lack.

4. What do I need before I start taking classes?

A student should formally apply for a degree plan in the semester they enter Sul Ross Rio Grande College. The application is available from any center secretary, but the process will take some time since original transcripts (as opposed to transcripts issued directly to students) must be received and evaluated. Prior to this time, students may contact any business advisor about specific coursework to ensure that there is no duplication of work.

Registration is always a good time to visit with faculty advisors. If needed, any business advisor can prepare a tentative degree plan based on student issued transcripts..

5. Is there an order in which I should take courses?

Students should have a total of 54 hours of lower-level coursework before entering Rio Grande College. After completing an application for admission, students may take any course offered, provided they have had the necessary prerequisite.

6. What courses should I take if I am attending Southwest Texas Junior College?

Four courses not taught by RGC but which are prerequisites for many of our business courses are (Southwest Texas Junior College course numbers are given here):

  • Elementary Accounting I (ACCT 2401)
  • Elementary Accounting II (ACCT 2402)
  • Macro-Economics (ECON 2301)
  • Micro-Economics (ECON 2302)

In addition, college mathematics will help in a variety of courses. Students should try to take these courses as soon as possible.

Students should review the course catalog to determine any course prerequisites. In general, however, the core courses should be taken first.

See the list of transfer courses that should be taken for a business degree at RGC.