Undergraduate Courses in Philosophy

Subject course numbers in parentheses at the end of the course description represent the course equivalent in the Texas Common Course Numbering system.

PHIL 1301 Introduction to Philosophy (3-0)
An introduction to the field of philosophy and its leading questions in metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of mind. ethics, social philosophy, existentialism, logic and aesthetics. (PHIL 1301)

PHIL 1302 Ethics (3-0)
An introduction of systematic approaches to moral reasoning, including both normative ethics and metaethics as moral philosophy. Survey of approaches to judging the rightness or wrongness of actions and judgments about the goodness or badness of things. (PHIL 2306)

PHIL 1303 Logic (3-0)
An introduction to logic emphasizing the nature of the rational process, types of reasoning, the scientific method and fallacies. Sound reasoning skills are developed. (PHIL 2303)

PHIL 2301 Special Topics in Philosophy (3-0)
Selected topics in philosophy. May be repeated for credit when the topic varies.

PHIL 2302 Readings and Research in Philosophy (3-0)
An individualized course with varying topics to be chosen by the instructor in consultation with the student. May be repeated once.