Geography Minor

Geography is offered as a minor field of study at Sul Ross State University. Students must complete at least 19 semester credit hours of geography courses, including Geography 1302 and GEOG 2302 and Geography 3401/Geology 3401.

An academic concentration in the geography minor may be developed by taking, in addition to the required core, Geography 3301, Geography 3412/Geology 3412 and an additional three semester credit hours in geography.

A technical concentration may be developed by taking, in addition to the core, nine additional semester credit hours to include Geology 2407, Geography 3412/Geology 3412 and an additional three semester credit hours of Geography or Geology as recommended by the advisor.

Undergraduate Courses in Geography

Subject course numbers in parentheses at the end of the course description represent the course equivalent in the Texas Common Course Numbering system.

GEOG 1302 World Regional Geography (3-0)
A regional study of the world in a survey course which uses the basic elements as tools for observation and analysis in revealing the interrelationships of features involving man and different areas of the earth. (GEOG 1303)

GEOG 2302 Geography of the United States and Canada (3-0)
An overview of significant physical and human elements of the United States and Canada and their relationships within a setting of 14 specific regions.

GEOG 3301 Geography of Texas (3-0)
A topical study of the physical and cultural elements of Texas which reveal the great diversity of a growing and vibrant state. Features examined include the landscape, cultural groups and various economic activities.

GEOG 3302 Readings and Research in Geography (3-0)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   An indiviudalized course with varying topics to be chosen by the instructor in consulatation with the student. May be repeated once.

GEOG 3303 Special Topics in Geography (3-0)
Selected topics in geography. May be repeated for credit when the topic varies.

GEOG 3401 Interdisciplinary Geographic Information Systems (2-4)
This course is designed to introduce the concepts of computer-based spatial data handling, referred to as geographic information systems. The interdisciplinary approach focuses on bringing students from diverse academic backgrounds together in a team effort to learn the fundamentals of GIS, including data, sources, input, manipulation and output presentation. There are no prerequisites, but it is recommended that the student have completed an introductory class in one of the following: geology, biology, natural resource management or archaeology. This course is cross-referenced with Geology 3401.

GEOG 3412 Geomorphology (3-3)
An introduction to surficial processes and landforms. Understanding the landscape upon which we live and depend can be of vital importanceto nearly everyone from the homeowner to the civil engineer. Fluvial, glacial, costal, groundwater and weathering processes will be studied along with lithologic and structural influences. Labs will include map and photo interpretation and field studies. This couse is cross-referenced with Geology 3412. Prerequisite: Geology 1401.