University Policies

TSUS Rules and Regulations

The Rules and Regulations of the Texas State University system include definitions of the system's administration and component operations, general provisions for campus activities and an ethics policy for regents and employees.

The documents are available on the TSUS web site by chapter in the Word file format or in their entirety as a PDF file.

Administrative Policy Manual

The six-chapter Administrative Policy Manual, or APM, describes the policies and procedures governing the operation of the university. The contents include:

  • Chapter 1: History, Mission, General Organization and Governance 
  • Chapter 2: General University Policies, Procedures and Information
  • Chapter 3: Business Affairs and Services
  • Chapter 4: Student Affairs and Services
  • Chapter 5: Employment and Employee Policies and Procedures
  • Chapter 6: Rio Grande College (No longer used)
  • Chapter 7: Data and Security Management Policies

Other Policy Resources

SRSU Records Retention Schedule

Sul Ross State University retains records according to a schedule certified by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. The copy of the Records Retention Schedule is available for download (PDF, 1.92 MB).

Strategic Plan, 2017-2022

The Strategic Plan identifies major goals for the university with objectives and strategies included in each goal area. The strategic plan has three purposes:

  • To reaffirm and order the strategic goals and present a list of objectives and strategies for the achievement of these goals
  • To establish the direction for the addition of action plans to achieve each strategy
  • To identify expected outcomes and leadership for achieving the outcomes identified

Compact with Texans 2000

In response to the Agency Strategic Plan for the State of Texas, whose goals include quality services to the customers of state colleges, Sul Ross State University has developed a Compact with Texans. The statement outlines customer service principles and standards for the university as well as customer service resources and contacts.

House Bill 2504

House Bill 2504 mandates certain information be publicly available from an institution of higher education's website. The following links address this information.