Certify Teacher

The SRSU Department of Education utilizes test preparation software, Certify Teacher.  The software program, in conjunction with individual study sessions with education faculty and embedded test preparation content within coursework, provides the student with the convenience of studying at their own pace, with access to flashcards and feedback specific to individual performance on each competency attempted. 

Students are responsible for purchasing the software, when instructed by faculty.  The cost varies but typically runs around $52 for unlimited access until you pass the TExES exam.  The Online option, NOT the Download or CD option, must be purchased.  This will allow web-access to the student regardless of the computer used. 

The student MUST stay in Study Mode until directed by faculty to switch to Exam Mode.  The Director of Education will only approve a student to register for the TExES exam when at least 6 hours have been completed and a passing score of 260 has been obtained on not more than two attempts in Exam Mode

Before purchasing the test preparation software, it is important to confirm with your advisor or faculty that the correct Content test is purchased.  Contact Diana Rodriguez at drodriguez5@sulross.edu or 432-837-8433 for more information.