Budget Advisory Council

The major responsibilities of the Budget Oversight Council – Alpine (BOC) & Budget Advisory Council – RGC (BAC) shall be to:

Consider University budget policies, procedures and practices, with special emphasis on the academic budget. They review budget and resource allocations made by the University. They develop and oversee procedures for ensuring timely and significant BOC & BAC participation in the University budget making process.

BOC & BAC make recommendations to the Alpine Faculty Assembly and the RGC Faculty Senate for referral to the Associate Provost/Dean of RGC, Vice President for Finance and Operations, and finally the President. These recommendations may include matters pertaining to: academic salary structure and system; prioritization of capital equipment requests; fiscal priorities and major budget categories for the expenditure of the University budget; establishment and control of accounts; proposed personnel additions or deletions relating to academic programs; and other budget related matters.

Budget Oversight Council (BOC) membership is composed of tenured faculty, with the exception of the university library member and Faculty Assembly President ex officio member. Membership appointments to BOC serve three goals: representation across academic departments and disciplines; knowledge/expertise in fiscal and budgetary matters; and a balance of continuity and rejuvenation in membership. Budget Advisory Council (BAC) membership is composed of 5 tenured faculty members; one from each RGC academic department, and one at large member. The chair is elected by council members at the first meeting each academic year.

Persons appointed to BOC and BAC shall undergo a period of training and education. The membership term is for offsetting three-year periods commencing after the first term expiration.

RGC Budget Advisory Council Members Term
Efrain Adames, Chair, Business Administration 2015-19
Sally Roche, Humanities 2018-19
Dorman Moore, Education 2014-19
Patricia Nicosia, NABS 2017-19
Randal Stitts, Business Administration 2014-17