Admissions, Retention, Equity, Access, and AP/D Advisory Committee

The responsibilities of the Admission, Retention, Equity, and Access Committee of the Rio Grande College are to review/recommend changes to admissions standards and registration; to identify and respond to positive and negative factors that affect the recruitment and retention of under-represented students, faculty, and professional staff; and to identify concerns in the financial-assistance process which affect the recruitment of under-represented students and recommend corrective actions.

The committee shall consist of seven members appointed by the President (including two faculty members [two-year terms], two students [one-year terms], and one community member each from Del Rio, Eagle Pass, and Uvalde [two-year terms]), the Director of Admissions and Records, the Director of Business Operations, and the Assistant Director of Financial Assistance.

Faculty Representatives Term
Sally Roche, Humanities 2017-2019
Audrey Taylor, Humanities 2018-2019