Mathematics Program


A Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics provides the opportunity to prepare for careers in industry, government agencies, teaching and for graduate study in mathematics. Students seeking teacher certification in this major should refer to the Education Department for program admission requirements, required courses, and course descriptions.

The faculty advisors for Mathematics are Dr. Patricia Nicosia and Dr. Michael Ortiz.

Degree Plan for the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Courses Hours
Texas Core Curriculum
6 s.c.h.
3 s.c.h.
Life and Physical Sciences
6 s.c.h.
Language, Philosophy, & Culture
3 s.c.h.
Creative Arts
3 s.c.h.
American History
6 s.c.h.
Government/Political Science
6 s.c.h.
Social and Behavioral Sciences
3 s.c.h.
Component Area Option
6 s.c.h.
Total core curriculum
42 s.c.h.
Department course requirements for a major in Mathematics:  
Precalculus Mathematics (MATH 2312)
3 s.c.h.
Science (two additional science courses with labs)
Biology course selections must be courses for science majors (BIOL 1306, BIOL 1307)
8 s.c.h.
Total departmental course requirements 11 s.c.h.
Mathematics course requirements for a major in Mathematics:  
MATH 2413 (TCCN) Calculus I
4 s.c.h.
MATH 2414 (TCCN) Calculus II
4 s.c.h.
MTH 3301 Geometry
3 s.c.h.
MTH 3303 Multi-variant Calculus
3 s.c.h.
MTH 3304 Linear Algebra
3 s.c.h.
At least one of MTH 4301 Modern Abstract Algebra or MTH 4307 Real Variables
3 s.c.h.
MTH 4327 Readings and Research
3 s.c.h.
Additional mathematics courses from 3302, 3306, 3307, 3310, 3312, 3313, or any 4000 level courses not used to satisfy other requirements (students may not take 3308, 3309, or 3311)
12 s.c.h.
Total Mathematics course hours required for major 35 s.c.h.
Minor 18 s.c.h.
Electives to total 120 s.c.h.
Requirements for SRSU Rio Grande College Degree
  1. A minimum of 120 semester credit hours
  2. A minimum of 39 semester credit hours of advanced course work
  3. A minimum of 30 semester credit hours with SRSU RGC
  4. Cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better; cumulative GPA for major and minor, 2.0 or better.

Additional requirements for the major in Mathematics: Preparation and deliverance of a research paper and oral presentation as part of MTH 4327 during the year prior to graduation. A maximum of 14 semester credit hours in mathematics may be transferred from another institution for the major in mathematics.


A minor in Mathematics requires a minimum of eighteen semester credit hours, including a minimum of nine semester credit hours of advanced coursework at SRSU RGC. A maximum of nine semester credit hours of 2000 level or above transfer courses can be used. Students may not take MTH 3308, 3309, or 3311.