Courses in Mathematics

Undergraduate Courses in Mathematics

MTH 3301 Geometry (3-0)
Classical Euclidean geometry with congruences and constructions. Introduction to other geometries as time permits.
Prerequisite: MATH 2413 or permission of instructor

MTH 3302 Probability and Statistics I (3-0)
Descriptive statistics, probability, random variables and their distributions, estimation, and hypothesis testing.
Prerequisite: MATH 1314 or permission of instructor

MTH 3303 Multi-Variant Calculus (3-0)
Multiple integrals, partial derivatives, vectors, derivatives and integrals of vector fields.
Prerequisite: MATH 2414

MTH 3304 Linear Algebra (3-0)
Systems of linear equations, matrices, determinants, vector spaces, linear transformations, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, applications, and numerical methods.
Prerequisite: MATH 2413

MTH 3305 History of Mathematics (3-0)
Early number systems and symbols, mathematics in early civilizations, and biographies of a representative sample of mathematicians along with an exploration of the chronological development of important ideas in mathematics.
Prerequisite: MTH 4301 or MTH 4307

MTH 3306 Topics In Mathematics (3-0)
Discussion of selected topics in theoretical and applied mathematics. Course may be repeated as topics vary.

MTH 3307 Differential Equations (3-0)
First order first degree equations, linear differential equations of higher order, Laplace transforms, series solutions, systems of linear differential equations, and applications.
Prerequisite: MATH 2414

MTH 3308 Survey Of Basic Mathematical Theory I (3-0)
Numeration systems, foundations of arithmetic, fractions and decimal numbers, measurement concepts, and problem solving. Elementary Education Only.
Prerequisite: MTH 1314

MTH 3309 Survey Of Basic Mathematical Theory II (3-0)
Geometric concepts, probability, statistics, estimation, problem solving, and other related topics. Elementary Education Only.
Prerequisite: MTH 3308

MTH 3310 Discrete Mathematics (3-0)
Sets, logic, induction, recursive relationships, introduction to graph theory, and related topics.
Prerequisite: MATH 3301

MTH 3311 Survey of Basic Mathematical Theory III (3-0)
Further study in mathematics including probability measurement and geometry, geometric figures, networks, transformations, symmetries, congruence, similarity and construction. Elementary Education Only.
Prerequisite: MTH 3309

MTH 3312 Vector Calculus (3-0)
Theory of vector-valued functions, including basic differential operators, constrained extrema, multiple integrals, change of variables, integration over paths and surfaces, and integral theorems.
Prerequisite: MTH 3303 and MTH 3304

MTH 3313 Functions of a Complex Variable (3-0)
Complex numbers, analytic functions, elementary functions and mapping, integrals, power series, residues and poles, and conformal mapping.
Prerequisite: MTH 3303

MTH 4301 Modern Abstract Algebra (3-0)
Basic properties of the integers, groups, sets and mappings, rings, integral domains and fields.
Prerequisite: MTH 3304

MTH 4304 Probability And Statistics II (3-0)
Linear regression and correlation, multiple regression, analysis of variance, analysis of enumerative data.
Prerequisite: MTH 3302

MTH 4306 Seminar In Mathematics (3-0)
Senior-level seminar course with topics selected from both theoretical and applied mathematics. Course may be repeated as topics vary.

MTH 4307 Real Variables (3-0)
Sets, metric spaces, sequences, series, continuity, differentiation, integration.
Prerequisite: MATH 2414

MTH 4309 Real Variables II (3-0)
Continuation of MTH 4307. Topics include limits, continuity, derivatives, integrals, and sequences of functions.
Prerequisite: MTH 4307

MTH 4327 Readings and Research (3-0)
Senior level reading course with topics selected from advanced mathematics. Emphasis on independent research, and written and oral communication.
Prerequisite: permission of instructor

Graduate Courses in Mathematics

MTH 5301 Special Topics in Mathematics (3-0)
Selected topics in theoretical and applied mathematics which are of particular interest to teachers of mathematics. The course may be repeated for different topics.
Prerequisite: baccalaureate degree and permission of instructor