The Uvalde Campus

Administration Building in Uvalde

The Sul Ross State University Uvalde campus houses the offices of the Chairs of the Departments of Education and Business Administration. Academic support services and student services are headquartered in the Uvalde location.

Uvalde is also the headquarters of Southwest Texas Junior College, RGC's partner institution.

A relatively old township in southwest Texas, Uvalde was settled in 1853. It served as a trading post for area settlers and forts along the Nueces River. Prior to Texas' annexation, many battles were fought along the Nueces River in an attempt to settle the boundary dispute between Texas and Mexico.

Turn-of-the-century architecture is still evident in Uvalde. Nestled along tree shaded streets are many elegant old homes, dating back to the late 1890s and early 1900s. Many-storied houses with long porches, balconies and tall graceful columns preserve a testament to the past. The huge old oaks that were so numerous in the area are so loved by the city that many streets are built around the trees.

Near Uvalde is Garner State Park, a recreational area famed in the state for its camping and outdoor activities.