Contacts by Program


Faculty & Staff

Director of Teacher Education  

Scarlet Clouse    (432) 837-8013

Department Chair

Dr. Jim Hector (432) 837-8213

Department Secretary

Suzanne Dausman (432) 837-8170

Interdisciplinary Studies & Teacher Certification

Matthew Marsh Testing and Certification Coordinator (432) 837-8199

Post Baccalaureate Initial Certification Program (PBICP)

Contact Matthew Marsh (432) 837-8199 for applications for admission to teacher education, to student teach and for the state certification tests.

Physical Education

Dr.  Jim Hector  (432) 837-8213

Graduate Certification Programs

Degree options and certification programs are described in Graduate Programs in Education in the SRSU catalog.

Counselor Education

Dr. Barbara Tucker  (432) 837-8703  Program Coordinator

Educational Diagnostician

Scarlet Clouse (432) 837-8013   Program Coordinator

General Masters, General w/ Alternative Certification

Dr. Jeanne Qvarnstrom (432) 837-8395 Program Coordinator

Reading Specialist M.Ed. and Reading Specialist Certification

Dr. Pat Seawell (432) 837-8643  Program Coordinator

Educational Leadership, Principal

Dr. Rebecca Schlosser (432) 837-8173 Program Coordinator

Dr. Jim Hector (432) 837-8213  

Educational Leadership, Superintendent

Dr. Galen Privitt (432) 837-8002  Program Coordinator

Undergraduate Teacher Education

Dr. Jeanne Qvarnstrom (432) 83708395   Program Coordinator

Scarlet Clouse  (432) 837-8013