DANTES - dsst

The Defense Activities for Non-Traditional Students program was originally a testing program for the military. DSST is for anyone who is already enrolled in college, thinking of going back to school or graduating high school.  Similar to the CLEP program, it enables students to receive up to 30 semester hours of course credit by achieving passing scores on each exam.

A student may submit acceptable scores from a DANTES/dsst exam in order to receive credit only in those subjects in which the student has not earned academic credit. Enrolled students are eligible to take examinations only if they have not attempted the course. Students will not receive credit by examination for a course in which they have received failing grades or for a basic course in an area in which they have acceptable college credit for more advanced courses.

New students may want to arrange to take the test(s) during orientation or prior to regular registration in order to facilitate their advising and enrollment. Test results are normally not reported for three weeks, but with advance notice the Testing Office can arrange with the student to expedite the scoring process in order to meet registration deadlines.


The total cost for each test is $100, payable in two parts: a fee of $85 per test, in check or money order made payable to DANTES/dsst or call into company with credit card, and $15 in cash or check paid to Sul Ross State University for the administration. The $85 test fee must be paid prior to testing, so the test can be ordered.  The $15 proctor fee can be paid the day of the test.


DANTES/dsst tests will be available throughout the school year. A reservation for a test date must be made at least 10 days in advance so the test can be ordered. Contact the Office of Career Services and Testing to reserve a test date.

Tests Offered

Sul Ross State University grants credit for the following DANTES/dsst exams:

Exams Course Equivalent Credit Hours Min.
Ethics in America Philosophy 1302 3 46
Technical Writing English 2304 3 46
Social Studies
The Civil War and Reconstruction History 1301 3 47
Lifespan Developmental Psychology Psychology 2310 3 46
General Anthropology Anthropology 1301 3 47
Introduction to Law Enforcement Criminal Justice 1301 3 45
Introduction to Business General Business 1353 3 46
Principles of Finance Finance 3340 3 46
Principles of Financial Accounting Accounting 3332 3 49
Human Resource Management Management 3363 3 48
Organizational Behavior Management 4361 3 48
Money and Banking Economics 3300 3 48
Personal Finance Finance 3341 3 46
Computer Science
Introduction to Computing Computer Science 2305 3 47
Physical Science
Astronomy (not a lab course) Astronomy 1401 3 48
Physical Geology Geology 1401 3 46
Principles of Statistics General Business 3352 3 46