Purchase Orders

The primary method for making a purchase is through the purchase order system. Goods/services should not be ordered until a purchase order has been created and issued by the Purchasing Department

Overview | Creating a Requisition | Checking in the Order


To use the purchase order system, follow these steps:

  • Verify that funds are available for the purchase.
  • Create an online requisition.
  • Have the account manager approve the requisition online.
  • Forward any associated documents to Purchasing. (i.e., vendor quotation, contract documents)


  • Purchasing issues a purchase order.
  • The purchase order is sent to the vendor.
  • Goods/services are received. The requestor verifies the order and;
    • If it is correct, informs Central Receiving (for the Alpine campus) or Business Services (for the RGC campuses). 
    • If it is incorrect, contacts Purchasing.
  • The order is recorded as received and verified.
  • The vendor is paid by the Controller's Office.

Creating a Requisition

Requisitions are submitted online through the Banner system.  You must attend training before Banner access is granted. If you aren't submitting requisitions online, contact Purchasing to schedule training.

The training manual, available here in PDF format, can be reviewed prior to training or used as a refresher. Download the entire training document (1,303 KB) or see the individual sections below: 

Checking in the Order

Payment to a vendor cannot be made until the receipt of goods or services has been verified and an invoice has been received. Your responsibilities are to:

  • Inspect all shipments within 24 hours of delivery.
  • Report the receipt of goods or services, including items shipped directly to you, to Central Receiving (for the Alpine campus) or Business Services (for the RGC campuses).
  • Report any problems to Purchasing.
  • Forward any invoices received to the Controller's Office.

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