Computer Science

Coursework for the bachelor’s degree in computer science includes classes in: programming, data structures, networking, databases, system analysis and design, operating systems, human computer interface, scripting languages and various special topics classes.  All major courses are taught by Ph.D. instructors.

Programming languages include: C#, C++, HTML 5, PHP, and Python.

There are four programs within this major: traditional, gaming technology, communication design, and digital artist.  Due to the inter connectivity of the courses in these programs, students are urged to consult their advisor when choosing courses.

Computer Science Major Requirements

General Education: 58-62 hours (see degree plan for specifics)

Introduction to Programming Logic Computer Communications
Beginning Object Oriented Programming Advanced Database Systems
Computer Graphics Programming Senior Capstone I and II
Data Structures and Algorithms Department Seminar
LINUX +10 additional hours


Computer Science Gaming Technology Major Requirements

General Education: 55 hours (see degree plan for specifics)

Introduction to Programming Logic Gaming & Script Programming
Beginning Object-Oriented Programming Animation Programming
Computer Graphics Programming User Interface Programming
Basic Television Technology Introduction to Animation
Introduction to Game Design
Introduction to Digital Imaging Audio Editing
Introduction to Game Programming Advanced 2-D Imaging
Advanced 3-D Imaging
Data Structures User Interface Design
  Techniques in Video Production
  Software Engineering
  Senior Capstone I and II


As we expand this program, new courses will be added and old courses will be modified to fit the needs of this ever-changing field.  Course substitutions should be expected as we develop the program.  Students should remain in contact with an advisor to help with these changes.

Students seeking a degree in Computer Science Communication Design or Gaming Technology should also consult with an advisor from the Fine Arts.  Many of the courses are shared with this department.

Minor in Computer Science

Students may minor in computer science by completing 18 semester credit hours of computer science courses. These include Computer Science 1309, 1320, 2315 and either 2305 or 2360, plus six additional advanced hours in computer science.

Minors with limited exposure to computers prior to beginning the program may benefit from completing Computer Science 1301 or Office Systems 1384 before taking these courses.

Financial Aid

In addition to scholarships and financial aid opportunities, work-study positions are available in the computer lab.

Computer Science Advisor

Dr. Kennard R. Laviers