Industrial Technology Courses


Industrial technology courses are offered in support of other degree programs.

Subject course numbers in parentheses at the end of the course description represent the course equivalent in the Texas Common Course Numbering system.

IT 1303 Engineering Drawing I (2-4)
Use of American National Standards Institute symbols and conventions; techniques of freehand sketching; accepted styles and practices of lettering; and the relationship between points, lines and planes through multi-view drawing principles. Shape description through pictoral methods. (ENGR1304)

IT 1305 Beginning Woodwork Technology (2-4)
Hand tools, hand tool processes, care and use of hand tools, basic machine operations and techniques, as related to the woodworking industry. Emphasis on the acquisition of basic skills and safety.

IT 1306 Beginning Metalwork Technology (2-4)
A comprehensive course in industrial metals processes. Problems of pattern development, shearing, cutting, forming, bending, folding, and fabricating sheet steel as related to the sheet metal industry. Investigation of other industrial processes and techniques such as: industrial foundry processes; cold metal forming using bending, twisting, hammering and combining techniques; and forging and tempering techniques.

IT 1308 Basic Electricity (2-4)
Principles of direct current and alternating current electricity. Applications of series, parallel, and series-parallel circuitry including Ohm's Law, Kerchhoff's Law, batteries, meters, resistance, capacitance, inductance, magnetism and electromagnetism.

IT 1309 Power Technology (2-4)
A foundation course, which looks into energy, power, and transportation technologies. Investigation into their evolution, development, production, relationships and use.

IT 2303 Introduction to Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (2-4)
Introduction to commercial CAD systems. Computer graphics hardware and software. Applications of CAD, graphics applications in two and three dimensions.

IT 2304 Photography (2-4)
A foundation course in understanding the camera and its principle of operation, light and film, darkroom techniques and photographic processes as they may be applied in industry using black and white films. (ARTS 2356)

IT 2305 Machine Wood Technology (2-4)
A comprehensive course in industrial woods processes. The course includes some hand processes but focuses on machine operations as required in mill cabinetry and the furniture industry. Reading and analyzing drawings, selecting materials, completing a bill of materials, and project planning are integral components in the course.

IT 2306 Machine Shop Technology (2-4)
A comprehensive course in the use of precision measuring instruments and metal working machines. Intended as an introduction to the machine shop practices of industry.

IT 2307 Welding Technology (2-4)
A study of principles and correct use of the equipment, materials, and processes required for oxy-acetylene welding, cutting and brazing and electric welding.

IT 2309 Technology of Small Engine Maintenance and Repair (2-4)
The scientific, mechanical, and service concepts of two-cycle and four-cycle engines. Provides the student with the basic knowledge of these concepts and their application.

IT 2313 Pictorial Representation (2-4)
Pictorial drawing with emphasis on the fundamentals of isometric, diametric, oblique, one-point perspective, and two-point perspective drawing techniques. Investigation into industrial rendering techniques for illustration of manufactured components.

IT 3301 Special Topics (3-0)
A course covering various topics in the field of Industrial Technology. May be repeated for credit when the topic varies.

IT 3303 Architectural Drafting and Home Planning (2-4)
Architectural drafting with emphasis on the principles of good design and planning the small home, architectural details, materials and methods of construction, energy conservation practices; and the use of symbols, lettering, and building standards of the American Institute of Architects.

IT 3315 Techniques in Furniture and Cabinet Making (2-4)
An advanced course in furniture and cabinet construction and finishing with emphasis on modern methods, techniques, and materials. Students will receive practical experience is design, layout and construction of furniture and cabinets, mass production techniques, using plastic laminates and modern finishing materials and methods. Prerequisite: IT 2305 or equivalent or special permission.

IT 3316 Advanced Machine Metalwork Technology (2-4)
Modern methods, techniques, and materials of the metal working industry. Special emphasis is placed upon advanced lathe and milling operations. Prerequisite: IT 2306 or equivalent or special permission.

IT 3319 General Automotive Maintenance and Repair (2-4)
General automotive maintenance and repair is designed to enable the students to understand and maintain automobiles.

IT 3323 Three Dimensional Computer Graphics (2-2)
An advanced course in computer-aided drafting and design. Focus is on 3D design including work with solids and materials rendering. Prerequisite: IT 2303 or special permission

IT 3325 Methods and Techniques of Construction (2-4)
Methods, techniques and processes in the construction industry. Emphasis on practical application and the acquisition of skills.

IT 3326 Pattern Making and Foundry (2-4)
Advanced foundry and pattern making techniques with emphasis on molding, materials and equipment, core making, construction of various types of patterns, casting non-ferrous metals, production methods and quality control. Prerequisite: IT 2305 or equivalent.

IT 3354 Studio Photography (2-4)
Advanced study in photography. Emphasis using the camera is on studio lighting techniques, studio equipment, posing, and composing. Emphasis in processing is on corrective techniques and advanced processing and finishing techniques. Prerequisite: IT 2304 or equivalent.

IT 4301 Organization of Industrial Processing (3-0)
A course designed to acquaint students with production planning and research from design through marketing for industrial products.

IT 4303 Architectural Working Drawings and Specifications (2-4)
Emphasis will be on developing complete plans, schedules, and specifications for construction. Attention will be given to residential, light commercial, structural specifications, and an introduction to computer applications in architecture.

4305 Special Processes in Wood Technology (2-4)
Modern wood technology, wood lamination, the application of plastic laminates, advanced lathe operations and advanced finishing processes.

IT 4306 Machine Design and Fabrication (2-4)
Introduction to machine design and construction. Prerequisite: IT 2306 and/or 3316 or special permission.

IT 4307 Advanced Welding Technology (2-4)
Advanced theory and practical application of knowledge in the area of welding. Prerequisite: IT 2307 or special permission

IT 4311 Special problems in Industrial Technology (3-0)
Individual study in selected areas of industrial technology.

IT 4315 Upholsery(2-4)
Techniques, practices, and procedures of upholstering.

IT 4317 Special Welding Processes (2-4)
Special welding processes and the practical application of special techniques and processes in the field of welding with emphasis in Metal Inert Gas (MIG), Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG), Carbon Arc, and other specialized welding processes. Prerequisite: IT 2307 or special permission.