Range Spirit and the Lobo Fountain

Horse Sculputure at Turner Range Animal Science Center

Range Spirit Photograph courtesy Jim Bones

Rodney Rex Barrick was an Industrial Arts Major at Sul Ross State University in the early 1980s. He had been sculpting in wire for over ten years when he created two sculptures for Sul Ross.

Lobo fountain on the mall at Sul Ross

Lobo Fountain Photograph courtesy Matt Walter

Range Spirit, completed in 1981, was a complicated project. At fourteen feet tall and built from half-inch steel, Barrick used a forge and anvil as well as other tools and jigs that he built to help bend the steel. With the help of the Range Animal Science Department in the form of the steel, welding machines and work area, Barrick was able to complete his sculpture by the end of his senior year spring finals. Range Spirit is mounted on a five foot base of native stone and can be seen at the entrance of the Everett E. Turner Range Animal Science Center. His second work is the three face lobo sculpture that rests on top of the fountain at the center of the mall on the main campus. Occasionally fish are placed in the fountain by students. In 1988 a three pound bass was found during the fountain cleaning.