SRSU School Colors – A Long and Winding Road

Eda Wyerts black and white photo portrait

Eda Wyerts, The Brand 1922 Archives of the Big Bend, Bryan Wildenthal Memorial Library, Sul Ross State University, Alpine, Texas

The first year of Sul Ross Normal College, a decision was reached on the choosing of the school colors- bronze and blue. Freshman Eda Wyerts summed up the students’ enthusiasm in her poem:

The Bronze and Blue

Bronze and Blue: Our colors ever,
Symbol of our work and dreams,
May we find life as we serve,
Just as worthwhile as it seems

True as the Blue of the sky above us,
Keep our hearts through future years,
Broad as the Bronze of the plain around us,
Free of pettiness and fears.

May we each accept the mission,
That Sul Ross has made anew,
Sure, whatever its condition,
Victory will crown our Bronze and Blue.

However lofty these ideals were, reality crept in and by 1923, it became apparent that securing bronze and blue crepe paper for decorating was practically impossible. By a vote of the student council, the school colors were changed to scarlet and gray. In time, scarlet would suffer the same defeat as bronze and blue and the colors were changed for a final time to our current school colors of red and gray.