Graduate Courses in Political Science

PS 5301 Seminar in Comparative Government and Public Policy (3 semester credit hours) An examination of various approaches to the study of comparative government with individual research problems designed to explore specific topics. May be repeated when topic varies.

PS 5302 Seminar in International Relations and Public Policy (3 semester credit hours) An examination of key concepts and approaches to the study of international relations in connection with a study of recurrent issues and topics through individual research problems. May be repeated when topic varies.

PS 5303 Public Administration Survey (3 semester credit hours) The conduct of public business by organized agencies at national, state and local levels.

PS 5305 Readings and Research in Government A readings and research course for graduate students in political science designated to meet needs not provided for in other available courses. May be repeated for credit with the approval of the department.

PS 5307 Scope and Methods in Social Science (3 semester credit hours) An introduction to the subject matter of the social sciences and the major contemporary approaches to it. This course is cross-referenced with Criminal Justice 5307.

PS 5308 Case Studies in Public Administration (3 semester credit hours) Case studies and readings in administration, organization processes and goals; the major and characteristic problems of public administration approached through analysis of actual incidents in various executive agencies and theoretical explanations of administrative behavior. Applicable to administration in education settings.

PS 5309 Internship in Public Administration Students who enroll in this course are involved in work experience in public or non-profit agencies. Permission of the department chairman required. Academic and work experience evaluations. Maximum of six semester credit hours allowed toward degree requirements.

PS 5310 Public Budgeting and Finance (3 semester credit hours) Focuses on the development and execution of various budgeting systems with special attention given to the political content of the budgetary process in the public sector.

PS 5311 Intergovernmental Relations (3 semester credit hours) A study of governmental relations among public administrators at various levels -- national, state, regional, local -- focusing on interactions among these public officials.

PS 5312 Agency Politics (3 semester credit hours) A seminar which deals with the several types of non-electoral politics in which public agencies are regularly involved: intra-organizational conflicts, accommodations, negotiations and competitions, and inter-organizational with other agencies, clientele-constituency groups and legislative and executive entities.

PS 5313 Public Policy Analysis (3 semester credit hours) Focuses on techniques used in policy development, adoption and evaluation in the public sector. Topics include policy reviews, needs assessment, the establishment of goals and objectives and the analysis of benefits, costs, and risks.

PS 5314 Public Management (3 semester credit hours) Public agency administration, including leadership, planning, delegation, supervision, motivation and performance.

PS 5315 Local Government Administration (3 semester credit hours) Administration of local government with particular reference to small cities in Texas. May also include counties, metro systems, school districts and other special purpose units.

PS 5316 Special Topics in Public Administration (3 semester credit hours) Special courses in Public Administration not included in the regular curriculum. May be repeated for credit with departmental approval.

PS 5317 Seminar in U.S. Government (3 semester credit hours) Course focuses on selected topics in U.S. Government. May be repeated when topic varies.