Meat Market

The Sul Ross State University Meat Market, located at the Turner Range Animal Science complex, is a state-inspected teaching and research facility that processes and sells beef and pork. The Meats Facility offers students hands-on, practical experience with the complete meat processing cycle from harvest, cutting, processing, packaging, freezing, to retail sales. Renovated and modernized in 2006, the facility contains an abattoir, chilling coolers, processing room, freezer storage, and a retail sales counter.

In addition, students smoke bacon, hams, jerky, and other products in a computerized smokehouse. Students follow rules and regulations regarding inspection, food safety, and sanitation at all times.

The Meat Market serves the public by offering custom processing and the sale of locally sourced, reasonably priced meat products in its retail sales area.

Meat science students and the meat market manager strive to meet the needs of customers in the retail sales area, located on the east side of the complex.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Starting March 25th The following restrictions will apply for sales at the Meat Market: 

No customers will be allowed in the building, orders must be called or emailed in and a pick up time scheduled.  When the customer arrives they will remain outside, hand their credit card to staff at the door, staff will ring up the sale and then return the credit card and give the receipt for signature and the order out the door, accepting the signed receipt back.  The counter area and staff members hands will be cleaned after each transaction