The Frontier Experience

In the Davis Mountains of West Texas, Sul Ross offers you a one of a kind FRONTIER experience. Explore and discover your limits and your potential in an environment that will prepare you to lead in the future - no matter where your journey takes you!

Take one look at Alpine on a map and you'll see what we mean by being on the FRONTIER. It's something we embrace because it helps define who we are. It's so much more than just the amazing views or the openness of the land. It's a sense that you can be the first. The first to discover something new in the lab. The first to create a new way to solve a problem. The first in your family to go to to college. The first to . . . .

What does the Frontier Experience mean to you? Here is what some of our students have to say:

Iris Chavez
Alpine, TX
Interdisciplinary Studies
"Sul Ross reallly opens your eyes to the frontier because although we are a small town, there is so much to see with having Big Bend close to us. It's very peaceful here and the space
around here is just beautiful."

Jacques Wisner
Dallas, TX
Master of Business Administration
"It is everything that has to do with the region in Texas that we go to school in. It includes hiking, rodeos and higher education that a city kid like myself is not familiar with."

Austin Kibler
Alpine, TX
"It gives us the opportunity to experience the resources given to us by the frontier. Also it gives us the opportunity to be more hands-on."

Joshua Spear
Austin, TX
"It means that we have a lot of first generation students, so they are leading the frontier for their families."